It’s hard to find the words to describe Bali. Exotic, enchanting, intoxicating, nurturing …these words all hint at the magic of Bali and at the same time they fall quite a bit short of the actual experience.

Bali, simply put, is the perfect place to experience your yoga teacher training. The island, the people, the customs and traditions…amazing yoga teachers…fun-loving students from all over the world…all of these things combine to support you as you take a deep dive into all things yoga, and learn how to teach in your own authentic style, with your own authentic voice. 

Come join us for eh  16 Day Intensive Immersion Bali  Yoga Teacher Training Program. At $1995 US, our 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training is the most most certfied, affordable, fun and quality 200 yoga teacher training program available in Bali.



Location: Bali
Date: Oct 15-28, 2018
Investment: $ 1995 USD (6 months advance $300 off and 3 months $150 off).

What's Included: program tuition, program manuals, journal,  certificate and documentation administration for graduation

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  • This is an immersion in a focused learning environment — live the practice!
  • Our program covers everything but accommodation.
  • Small, dedicated group of students
  • Mentoring and close attention to your practice, teaching method, and personal progress
  • Living and studying in a clean and natural setting
  • Distance from the distractions of home gives perspective, a fresh mind, focus, and ease in letting go
  • Direct experience in teaching students (privates and groups)
  • Classical training in pranayama (only a handful of western teachers have proper background in this essential practice)
  • The development of an advanced and dedicated yoga practice, molding the teacher in you
  • Precise training in asana and the vinyasa system
  • Pre-course readings and assignments to prepare and guide you.


  • ASANA -Learn and practice over 30 poses
  • ALIGNMENT - Learn the fundamental rules and principles of asana to practice safely and effectively
  • ANATOMY - Hands-on approach about your body from an experienced registered physiotherapist
  • VINYASA - Vinyasa is an integral part of hatha yoga. Learn the correct transitions between poses and the importance of it
  • SEQUENCING -Learn the art of intelligent sequencing and understand the logic behind it.
  • PRAYANAMA -Learn basic pranayama techniques such as kapalabhati, nadi shodhana, bhastrika and others
  • METHODOLOGY -Understand the science behind sequencing
  • NUTRITION - Learn about proper diet that will stimulate your yoga practice and keep your body in tune and establish conscious eating habit
  • BUSINESS OF YOGA - Learn how to market, brand, use social media and the laws around the business of yoga
  • PHILOSOPHY - Get introduced to ancient texts of Yoga: Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita
  • MEDITATION - Get introduced to daily meditation practice for self-realisation
  • RELAXATION -Learn various relaxation techniques and how to apply them to your daily life
  • MINDFULNESS - Basic mental techniques to work with awareness and attention
  • MANTRA - Learn mantras in sanskrit and practice chanting with the teacher
  • KRIYAS - Learn about the ancient purification techniques
  • SELF-INQUIRY - Get in touch with your true self and realise your true potential






Our programs are accredited xxxxxx, xxxxxx,xxxxx and xxxxx all  international standard for Yoga. With any you cant each all around the world!

What Students Say!

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John U.S.A
The program has rejuvenated my soul. It has been such an amazing experience and will have a profound effect on how I move forward in my life. Thank you to ALSY for an amazing experience.
John U.S.A
The program has rejuvenated my soul. It has been such an amazing experience and will have a profound effect on how I move forward in my life. Thank you to ALSY for an amazing experience.
John U.S.A
The program has rejuvenated my soul. It has been such an amazing experience and will have a profound effect on how I move forward in my life. Thank you to ALSY for an amazing experience.


Villa Boreh is more than just a place to stay. Set in lush tropical gardens overlooking the ocean, this relaxed resort lies in the North of Bali, away from the hustle and bustle of the more touristy areas.

It is the perfect back drop to immerse yourself in your program. With 2 pools and the ocean just steps away, it is the perfect place to wake early and watch the sunrise during morning meditation.

The Yoga Shala is located in a quiet, shaded area of the Centre; with teak floors and zen, lush natural gardens surrounding it.  It is the ideal space for your Bali Yoga Teacher Training. View site >

Your Hawaii Yin Yoga Teacher Training takes place at the beautiful, Kalani Oceanside Retreat Read More


The experience starts as soon as your driver heads out from the airport, out into a sea of scooters and cars and bicycles and dogs and people that somehow flows together seamlessly. Slowly the city gives way to small villages and rice fields and coconut palms and little roadside stores carved out of the jungle. In some spots the road seems on the verge of being swallowed up by the tropical vegetation on either side, and everywhere – even seemingly in the middle of nowhere – there are temples. Big temples, small temples, private temples, public temples…tens of thousands of them, where the deeply faithful Balinese still make daily offerings.

Again, like trying to describe Bali, words fall short. Your Bali yoga teacher training experience will change your life forever, in ways you can only begin to imagine. You’ll learn from expert and supportive teachers. They’ll take you on a deep dive into yoga, a deep journey into self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love. Your fellow yoga students will come from all over the world – Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the United States, Europe and Scandinavia, along with people sprinkled in from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America. It’s a melting pot of interesting, amazingly open people who’ll end up becoming your friends for the rest of your life. And the whole time you’ll be held in the loving embrace of Bali and its people.