yoga classSuspect

My journey through yoga has really just begun now I started a yoga teacher training program. I’ve found that certain things call out to me in life. 

Maybe I’m looking for them, maybe there is no guidance, just pure luck, but recently I’ve discovered a cycle or awakening to certain things in life

They continue to appear until I am ready to receive them. Yoga is one of them. Swimming was as well. 


Education,spirituality, science, all of these things kept constantly appearing in my life. 

I ignored them and their significance, until finally, I paid attention to them and appreciated their joys. I injured myself in sports, my knee became tight and painful, my doctor suggested swimming. I ignored his suggestion. 

I wanted to lose fat, gain muscle and be skills based in a sport, my personal trainer suggested swimming. I ignored her, I didn’t like swimming that much I thought. I had stress in my body and sought relief, my counsellor suggested swimming, I rolled my eyes at the idea. 


Finally, accepting the recommendations I agreed to swim two times a week for 20 minutes to see if this was something that could meet my needs. 

Initially I just enjoyed the cool water on my face, then the beautiful colours and lack of sound under water, then my body began to feel energized yet calm after my swims. I felt good swimming. 


I increased my swims and the benefits increased as well. I learned to focus my breathing, which calmed my body, which lead to me having more mindful moments throughout my day, which fed my soul. Swimming makes me feel connected. 

Yoga has had a similar cycle of encouragement for me. Suggested by books I was reading, friends and family suggesting I might enjoy it. Tt continued to pop up over and over again in my life, try me! Try me! 


I started yoga for the benefits of the stretching after long work outs. This lead me to discover the breathing and relaxation side of it and really enjoy yoga on a different level.

Be it  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Covid 19 really forced me to change my fitness routine.

I wasted no time resisting yoga anymore, knowing it could meet my fitness and relaxation needs, I began to practice daily. It’s been only 4 months of my covid 19 yoga so really just the beginning of my journey. 


I think yoga will be a time to reflect more on myself, teach me and encourage me. My choice to teach yoga and not only practice it, particularly to special needs adults and support staff I believe will also be a big part of my journey. 

It is beautiful to see the body move in ways unique to an individuals physical and developmental abilities. 


Giving back a free service I think will make me feel more connected to my community. If I can give someone some guidance to a meaningful experience with their body, mind or soul I would feel happy for them to have had that experience. 

I’ve concluded that Yoga to me is a journey so what it means to me now wont be the same after some time and more practice. I am very excited to see where this journey leads me, I believe I have lots of growing to look forward to by then.