Prayer Section of the Book

Yoga in Sanskrit, means the union between the mind and the body. I find we often get lost in the many yoga instruction styles, especially those that focus on the body, with less emphasis on the mind and I know through practice how important the asanas are and the pranayama but the other 6 limbs are crucial as well.

I am working on experiencing and practicing the 8 limbs of yoga and how this can apply to my instruction and daily life:

Yoga can help us to find God through study, meditation (dhyana), mantra and devotional services.
True yoga does not choose our religion or judge our faith but will help bring you closer to your devotion.
Yoga helps untangle the complications of the human condition such as ignorance, rebellious ways and the inability to remain content. Samadhi – to find true inner peace and joy and to be interconnected with all living things is heavenly is the ultimate goal.

Inner Divine

We need to work towards recognizing our inner divine creature and if we can recognize our self divine we can hold on to that experience forever. Yoga has been for me as a way of dealing with stress of the outside world regardless if I am living in BaliThailand, Costa Rica or Hawaii.

Yoga teaches us to let go of the past and not worry about the future, with true focus on present. We need to focus on our self-mastery and stop brooding about the past and the future. We chose how we feel and see ourselves. Yoga teaches us that daily meditation is a vital part of our lives and well being and is the anchor and the wings.

My Past

In the past I have struggled with meditation for longer than 10 minutes and I need to recite a mantra like ‘So Hum’ to help release the drifting thoughts. I love the meaning I Am. It calms me and makes me feel whole. I also say in meditation Siddo Hum, I am perfect.

I am also participating in a daily 21 day meditation online and the messages are valuable to me. I am able to really look forward to my daily meditation and how it makes me feel, to let go and to just be present.

Calming my busy mind and thoughts is such a valuable practice for me – finding Dharana and turning off the noises and distractions.

My yoga journey has been enriched through various yoga instructors and types of classes that I attend.
I like to share my personal acronym with others – PLUS: Peace, Love, Understanding, and Strength. Each day I dedicate these 4 words into a new meaning.
Learning to quiet the mind and to let go, keep still, be calm and allow our inner light to shine is so crucial in our lives.

To Be Forever Now

This book references the Gurugita and the dedication to saying the `82 versus daily. It is a text of unimaginable power and is said to be very crucial next to meditation. Gurigita turns away the ego. We need to feel the core of comfort within ourselves and not just exist in the crazy world that surrounds us. We must listen more and talk less. We must try not to react verbally and emotionally to all things. Practice holding our equilibrium amongst the chaos brings peace to us.


Forgiveness is crucial to self. Let the past go and begin life with great JOY. Guilt does not serve us, it fools us into thinking we are making moral progress. I struggle with guilt and I am trying really hard to separate that emotion when it happens. Acknowledge and then let it go is what I try to do.

I really like a vow in this book that I can relate to: “ I will not harbor unhealthy thoughts anymore” As referenced in the book, I can picture a harbor with a little island and it is beautiful, calm, breath taking and a peaceful place, where nothing abusive and unhealthy can enter this harbor. No criminals and assassins can enter this place. Negative thoughts about self cannot enter this harbor. I understand how yoga and meditation work in harmony to bring us to this place of freedom, both emotionally and spiritually.
Yoga works on acknowledging the negative past and thought process that we have held on to for years.

We can learn to select our thoughts the same way we can select the clothes we wear and the food we choose to eat. This is a great reference for me to come back to when the unhealthy thoughts, that do not serve me, come to mind. They are hard, old patterns to change but with meditation and yoga the changes do occur.
There is reference to the word Antevasin in the book.


Antevasin is one who can live on the line of old thinking but live with a new understanding, always in a state of learning. I like that approach to embrace new beginnings and to keep moving forward. I am much more aware and calm under pressure since I began my yoga journey 5 years ago. I am grateful for my practice everyday. I have introduced many people, like myself with busy lives and busy minds, to the mat and the changes that I have witnessed are profound. They are now meditating, stopping to breathe deeply during their day and practicing yoga.

Letting go of the past and other burdens will help to channel my emotions to flow freely and my life will feel lightened. Understand that we become more mindful as we search for answers to our mindlessness.

Balance true needs and wants from temporary distractions. Finding and truly experiencing deeper fulfillment evolves as we discover all things are within our reach and if we are fulfilled we lack nothing.

I would like to share the importance of living FOREVER NOW with my yoga classes. I thoroughly enjoy instructing beginner hatha classes but I want to share a deeper knowledge with those who are new to yoga. I want to share knowledge and asanas and the importance of savasana without intimidation for those who are totally new to yoga. Intensions are always part of my practice and I like to share mantras too.

Through the 200 YTT I look forward to learning and sharing with my yoga classes a deeper understanding.

Yoga and meditation are very humbling, rewarding, loving and tru