Wherever you live:  VancouverBaliThailandTorontoHawaiiNew ZealandSydneyCalgaryPerthBrisbaneMelbourne, enlightenment begins with the awareness that my energy or spirit is part of the Creator’s spirit or energy. It is acknowledging and even sensing that God who created, put the energy and spirit of Himself in ALL that He created. 

This is the connection to all beings, the intentional listening to the Holy Spirit. It is also  sometimes called the collective conscience. 


This universal knowledge, brilliance, and spontaneous information, with which I am imparted or blessed is available to every being. God is no respecter of persons. 

Therefore, if I do not experience God, blessing, and spiritual knowledge, the impartation of awareness and wisdom, peace and love which is readily available, it is because I am not in a receptive spiritual position or mindset or because I am blocked by a conscious or unconscious preoccupation. 


These preoccupations impede my body. This stops me from sensing the divine, and my heart and mind from communing with, receiving from, and sharing spiritual love and understanding. 

Enlightenment is the awareness and acceptance of my insignificance and flaws, as well as the perfection and power with which I am made, to which my spirit always has access unless I reject it.

I act in imperfect ways but my spirit is not flawed at all. But merely blocked by worldly fixations, insecurities, and selfishness. 


Meditation and prayer help move my heart to the place of surrendering these fixations, insecurities, and selfishness. 

Knowing the juxtaposition of my insignificance and incredible power from the divine, is freedom. If I surrender to God who is infinitely omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and benevolent, then I can receive love and wisdom


If I receive it and accept what does that mean? It means I will permit it to transform my thoughts and choices, words, and deeds. 

Then, I will know the why for many spiritual principles. Unless we choose love, surrender, and obedience to spiritual principles, we do not know the why behind them because they must be experienced to be understood.