Many people are satisfied simply practicing Yoga, however some feel a passion to share yoga with the world:  Bali, Thailand, Hawaii,  New Zealand  Toronto or Vancouver – yoga has different meanings

Would we all love to do what we love and earn a living from it? If yoga is your path, and you have a passion to share yoga then becoming a Yoga Teacher will be your first step.


Many places around the world do not require you to have completes a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in order to teach.

However, we recommend taking a YYT before you consider teaching. Have a YYT under your belt will help you in many ways.

People who have taken a YTT will be more skilled in keeping their students safe from injury, a must for any professional studio.

Further, in a YTT you will learn how to properly adjust, share philosophies, and speak from your true voice. All of these will make you a more attractive prospect in the eyes of hiring studios.

Other Things

Once you’ve completed your YTT, then what? There are two main routes that Yoga teachers take: 1. Become a Digital Entrepreneur 2. Own a studio.

We recommend to start teaching in person classes, either Karma (free) or paid. It’s important to find a studio you resonate with if you’re going to be offering your passion.

Teaching in person will get your name out in the community, as well as get you valuable experience teaching. As you progress along your Yogic Path you may consider offering a YTT of your own; there are courses to help you with that.

A Studio

Regardless if you live in  Bali, Thailand, Hawaii,  New Zealand  Toronto or Vancouver , starting a studio can be fulfilling but it isn’t for everyone. That’s why many Teachers are choosing to go digital

Most financially successful Yogis have diversified their income streams. They teach in person, offer online courses, and have blogs or youtube channels to build and audience.

These techniques broaden your reach as a Yoga Teacher and offer you different ways to earn an income beyond the walls of a studio.

In The End

The more diverse your income streams, the higher your earning potential. Who wouldn’t want such a life!