Yoga teacher trainings are intensive experiences. Since most are open to people from all experience levels its important to know what to expect and how to prepare, especially when taking one abroad. Regardless where you are taking a Yoga Teacher Training abroad – be it in  BaliThailand, Hawaii,  New Zealand  or Vancouver – here are things to consider.

First Thing

The first thing to do to prepare is to assess your current state. Are you completely new or do you have some experience? If you’ve already booked your Yoga Teacher Training Abroad but have no experience it would be helpful to take some yoga classes in your area.

This will get you accustomed to the language and nature of a Yoga sequence, as well as some of the more philosophical concepts. Knowing this before going will speed up your learning process and help you improve more quickly.


If you already have a personal Yoga practice, consider increasing your practice time overall. Expanding your edge physically, and safely, will help you get the most out of the training. The deeper you go into your practice before hand, the farther the training can take you.

Something that may be equally helpful is to increase your mediation time. Besides the health and wellness benefits meditation brings, it can also improve your learning and retention skills. Being present and attentive during your training program will ensure you connect to yourself and the teachings.


If you have already taken a Yoga Teacher Training then its best that you review all that you have learned. Identifying your knowledge base and current skill set will allow you to focus on your areas of growth.

You will also know going in what questions to ask so that the teacher can best assist you on your journey. Remember, a Yogi is forever a student, and that state of humility is a must for anyone who hopes to learn and grow.

In The End

No matter where you are on your Yoga journey its always a good idea to get access to and review the training curriculum. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect, and heck! You may even start your own research before hand and come in ahead of the game. You will only get what you put into a Yoga Teacher training Abroad.