When I started a yoga teacher training program I struggled with what enlightenment meant, I realized that enlightenment can mean different things for each individual. 

Enlightenment is not one  singular thing. I can only describe what enlightenment is for me and how I believe or think enlightenment is. I believe that enlightenment is not necessarily something that is achieved, but rather a fulfillment of life that creates an openness within oneself


Enlightenment is something that one aspires to be, gaining wisdom and learning what is possible within our own selves. 

For myself, I had to really think about enlightenment and what it is for myself. Enlightenment is about finding a balance with my mind, soul and body

Enlightenment is about listening to all of these parts in my life to better understand and balance life to what I am wanting and seeking for my life. 


Such as when I went back to school to receive a diploma in Social Work. It was not that just one day, I said eureka, I want to go back to school. It started with a family trauma, and having to deal with and manage family’s upheavals and sadness. 

After seeing and being told that I represent a calming way of dealing with this that I decided that helping people was what I needed and wanted to do. It may not be simply one thing, but several different things to make a difference within yourself. 

Be it  VancouverBaliThailandTorontoHawaiiNew ZealandSydneyCalgaryPerthBrisbaneMelbourne, enlightenment is about finding a personal reason or passion that accommodates mind, body and soul. It is about finding for each individual a passion, and working to make that passion a reality. 


With thinking about what enlightenment is for me, it is about a feeling of what drives me, what I can do for myself, and what I need to do in order to keep myself in the present, with my mind, body and soul. 

I believe that wanting to help others as well as myself through learning, through wanting to help others find themselves with a stronger mind, healthier soul and happier in their own skin is really what I aspire to. 

I see through my own enlightenment that wanting to teach yoga, and become an intuitive life coach is what will help make me the person I want to attain by following my mind, soul and body. 


Is not that I am following a destiny, but I believe something has been reaching out to me, to show me what I should be doing in my life. I feel a desire to help others, and know that is my passion and where my life course seems to have always wanted to take me. 

It took a long time to really listen to what my mind, body and soul were telling me in my dreams, my surroundings and what I envisioned. It is now becoming my reality because I am letting it lead me and no longer fighting and just being guided to the possibilities, and open doors. I finally feel as though I am following a path that was and is opened for me.