students meditating in a yoga class

What Is Enlightenment?

Across the world from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton,  Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, Halifax, St Johns,  London, Greece,  Bali, Thailand, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Hawaii, enlightenment is a topic taught in many yoga teacher trainings (YTT).

After doing a ytt, I think Enlightenment is the “full comprehension of a situation” and “self-actualisation”. It refers to that state where one reaches one’s life potential — what could be called enlightenment. 

There are gradations to this experience, of course, from the uplifting feeling you get when you have a bright idea. When you get close to experiencing this state subjectively, it feels like infinite radiant light. 

YTT Enhances Our Connection

I think everyone has the capability to enhance their connection with the light and achieve their own enlightened state, Even Just a little of this will makes life a lot more pleasant.

Whether you are completely committed to your spirituality, wanting to dive into that light, or whether you just want to be a bit happier, advancing to this state is a desirable outcome. 

YTT Increase State Of Light

When we view enlightenment like this, it becomes an ever-increasing state of lightness that is integrated into everyday life.

Enlightenment is a state where there is a constant background radiance in your emotions, mind and how you feel about yourself. 

An enlightened being is not necessarily someone who has opted out of the world. It can be someone who is balanced, clear and living life in all its fullness, adventure and potency.

Poses and More

We usually use yoga asanas, sequences and breath work as lenses to transform turbulence in the regions of our unconscious that we might never otherwise control, found need already lies within ourself, finally achieve the state of enlightenment. 

With practice of yoga and meditation, it is possible to become more established in this sense of peace. The positive feeling we get after yoga pushes us to keep moving forward. we will feel 

Enlightenment is that state of being so mature and unshakable in any circumstance. we will find ourself being more ordinary, simple, innocent and natural, that is enlightenment.

Such as a musician who dreams up a song knows, she just has to trust the process. First a few words crystallize in her consciousness. Then a melody. 

Some time passes, and the musician wonders, “Is that all?” Slowly, a few guitar chords chime in from somewhere in the unseen. The musician strikes her guitar strings following the invisible instruction. 

Lyrics that rhyme

Soon a river of words begins to flow, forming lyrics that rhyme. The musician waits for each new word to be revealed from the ether. As if time has stood still, a new song is born.

In this state, the mind is fully in the present moment, and also build relaxed state. Whatever is necessary is revealed to us in such a natural and spontaneous way. we just sit and the song flows through us.

We can build our awareness of this relaxed state when we show up on the yoga mat every day. Practicing yoga is a chance to help us take a break from every busy day. 

YTT Redirects

Yoga redirects our focus to the quiet center within ourselves. The world outside doesn’t seem to matter much when we are bending forward, stretching for your toes. 

After all those yoga stretches and breathing exercises, the body can settle down into meditation. Something within has quieted down and the mind relaxes. We return to ordinary, simple, innocent and natural, I think that could be called enlightenment.