When we are born into this world, be it Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal, we come into a physical body, but were we ‘alive’ before this? 

For some people, this is a question that they’ve never thought about, let alone asked anybody. I have been wondering about this topic since I was a young child.

It was fascinating to me to ponder the idea that I existed in some form before I was born onto this earth in my current lifetime. 


Throughout my life so far I have been guided to certain people, conversations, videos, movies.

I believe that the soul is a step upwards from the higher self.  That the higher self is the most divine expression of you that is possible in your physical body.


The soul is much more omnipotent than the higher self. Your soul is at the very center of who you are, it is unexplainable. The soul is beyond form, it is the part of you that exists beyond time and space. 

The soul is infinite and eternal, it never dies. Your soul existed way before you were born in this current lifetime and will continue to exist beyond your time on this earth

Everybody’s soul is uniquely different, similar to how there is no twin to your fingerprint. Everyone’s soul has different lessons and challenges to learn and to overcome in the many lifetimes that you live.


The soul is metaphysical, it is not visible, it is shapeless and formless and cannot be proven by current science. The soul is permeated with the divinity of the universe or God. 

The soul is like light, but that light is conscious of itself, it sees and knows itself deeply. You can never be severed completely from your soul, it is always with you.

I don’t know if it is possible to fully embody or fully understand the soul while we are in our 3 dimensional bodies on this earth but I believe we can move closer to it. 


We can do this by seeking the eternal light deep within ourselves and connecting with the core of our being.

We are closest to our souls when we feel fully and completely alive in our bodies. We feel our cells vibrating, our hearts beating, the pulse of blood in our veins. 


Being fully in the moment is moving us closer to the center of who we really are.

This is what the practice of yoga is, feeling fully awake and alive, aware of our bodies, aware of how we feel. With the practice of yoga we set ourselves on the journey to being closer to our souls, and in turn being closer to God.