A yoga teacher training

I see the soul as the centre of my being. It exists before I am born and will continue to exist after I leave this earth. It never dies.

From taking a yoga teacher training  (YTT) last year, I learned my soul is unique and has been shaped over the years and will continue to grow as I continue through life and have various experiences. 

YTT and The Soul

In locations around the world: London, GreeceBali, Thailand, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Hawaii  the soul is figuratively connected to the brain. It is where we  store memories, it is what makes us, well, who we are! 

My soul is a window into how I treat others, how I feel about others. It is where I find the strength to feel deeply beyond my physical consciousness. 

It is where I feel the most comfortable, carrying memories, my goals, my feelings. I am able to feel and explore various feelings that I would not outwardly show. 

I am often in my own head but I truly believe I am in my own soul. I am thinking critically, I am feeling, I am analyzing and I am learning. 

Nobody can see my soul and that is why I feel so free when thinking and speaking about the soul.  It is within me, and it is almost like my own personal secret. 

Feelings In A YTT

I don’t need to share feelings, experiences, with anyone and I like that aspect. It is a space to have raw emotions without judgement. 

Although it does not have a physical presence or form, I can feel an energy in my chest and heart when I sit and meditate. I see a color associated with my soul and that is very reassuring. 

When I took my YTT I often tried to do things that feed my soul, replenish me as a person. I have found ways to “fill my cup”. Replenish my hopes and possibilities in life. 

Doing It All

Having coffee with friends, being with animals, meditating, doing yoga, stretching, being outside or even the simple act of taking a nap really, are all some of the things I do to help replenish myself. 

This past year and few months have been so difficult on everyone, and I feel as though working on staying positive is difficult.

Seeing and hearing so, much negativity, so much is out of our control, in a country we normally don’t have these types of restrictions. I have been feeling a bit soul depleted. 

When I finally took the leap to do this yoga teacher training, I noticed a shift in my whole being. Learning on the deep spiritual beliefs, the history and more has been doing wonders to replenish this, sometimes, sad soul of mine. 

In Sum

In the end, I hold my soul close to my heart and believe that it is personal and unique. I have said that you cannot see a soul, but sometimes I wonder, if that energy that is radiating off a person, if the aura you see around them, could that be their soul peaking out and saying hello?