Enlightenment is a state of awakening. Awakening to an understanding or embracing your true self within. 

Wherever you live be it:  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne; some people say that there is a journey to enlightenment and it is a path you take to reach it. Others, and I believe this, say that it is not something you reach. 


Because it is already within you. I believe enlightenment is the awakening of what is within. In yoga  (or yoga teacher training), we have a chance when we step on our mat to BE. 


Be whoever we are, whatever we are. I think this enlightenment ties into that. It is a chance for you to dive deep into the core of who you are as a human being. It can re-awaken qualities and feelings or perhaps awaken new passions. 


For some, these are feelings or passions that have been tucked away and have been uncovered. Enlightenment is when you reach these. 

Through yoga and often meditation people can connect with a deeper meaning and reach ‘enlightenment’. 

Covid 19

Covid-19 has brought many changes into our lives. Social isolation, negativity, lack of motivation, less movement, less ability to get outside. 

Enlightenment to me right now, is looking past that. When I am stepping away from my screen and doing yoga on my lunch break I am taking a deeper dive than what’s at the surface. I look past the lack of energy, anxiety or lack of positivity. 

I take a deeper look at myself, my qualities, the person I am. Yoga and breath can make me focus on the good within myself. 

You are strong, you are positive, you are motivated. We will get through this, you will move on from this, you will find a job that makes you more fulfilled.  To me, that’s enlightenment. It’s the opportunity for people to have a raw look at themselves – which we don’t often do. What’s really in there? Behind Instagram, behind your work, behind anxiety – what haven’t you connected with in a while? What does your body – and mind – tell you? 

It doesn’t necessarily be something you force yourself to think about, either. For some, they decided to do yoga today and they just wanted to move their body. 


They didn’t even have the intention of taking a deeper look at their core. It just happened. It also doesn’t necessarily have to only happen through yoga

For some, they might lose someone or something that changes their perspectives on life/their goals/themselves. Or, someone/something inspired them and that caused them to reignite what’s within.