Everyone has different reasons for doing yoga. Some its exercise and some its spiritual journey

When I started doing yoga was away to move my body. I needed to get some kind of physical activity in my life that didn’t involve lifting weights and expensive equipment at home. 

I started going to yoga once or twice a month and worked my way up to two and three times a week. This lead me to do a yoga teacher training also. I find when I miss a day at the yoga studio I feel off. I feel like I just don’t have any energy and feel blah. 


Since starting my journey I feel like I am more relaxed and the less I allow things to depress or stress me. Regardless of where you live –  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne  – Enlightenment – doing yoga I feel like I can take on the world. Whether it’s work or my personal life. 

Just the use of the Ujjayi breath when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It helps me to calm myself and I am able to think through the situations that are difficult. 

This breath also helps me deal with co-workers who are being negative towards others (so I don’t say anything I shouldn’t to them). 

After taking a Mala making and meditation class at the studio, I have incorporated meditation to my daily life. 


During the class we meditated and then asked which of the beads where calling to us I guess is how I described it. Well for me all of them did. 

She had five different beads there so she wouldn’t over whelm us with the choices(since this was most of our first time with Mala beads). 

Moss agate, rhodonite, howlite, rose quartz, and obsidian, I felt that I needed a little bit of each. This also taught me that I still need to work on me so I can help my family in a calm way. 


I am finding that during this time of the COVID-19 hitting Canada and things closing so that people can stay healthy and stop the spread, that it is sometimes hard to keep positive, motivated to move your body and not stress. 

So I have set up a room in my house that I can go to and practice my yoga and meditation, the yoga studio I belong to is in the process of doing online class so that we can stay active and connected. 

But staying positive and moving with my yoga practice and meditation. For me going into the space I have created, using my breath and movement has been very 

helpful to get me through this time of social distancing missing the studio since its been closed. 


Yoga has brought me so much joy and peace. I am not sure if I have found the spiritual side of yoga. I have not had an ah ha moment that I can recall. But I do believe in a higher power. 

Yoga has just brought me so much peace, happiness and to a place where I don’t let things get to me like I used to. 

I can not change the way people are around me, but I can change the way I handle and deal with them. I do my best not to get pulled into the negativities that people around me are always putting out. I find I just breath and do a little meditation even for a few minutes just to block them out.

In The End

I find this really helps me get through my work day (where at times there is a lot of negative talk about other people in the work place). 

With out yoga and meditation I would not be a calm and positive with the whole COVID-19 that seems to be taking over the world.