Enlightenment, to me, is almost a feeling of “feeling better,” which is ultimately what happens once you gain knowledge or better understanding. It’s like taking that big full satisfying breathe in and letting it all out. We all know how great that feels! It’s a happy feeling.

I feel most enlightened when I learn or am able to understand someone or something better. That knowledge allows me to feel more connected, more empathetic almost at times even.


To enlighten myself,  often try to connect with others and learn how to empathise with them. It allows me to connect deeper with them, understand them more and allow myself to think differently and more effectively.

I find myself constantly thirsty for knowledge. The more I learn, the better I feel, the more I understand and therefore the more enlightened I am.

Over Time or Instant

Regardless of where you are in the world –  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne  – Enlightenment can happen in an instant as well as over time.

Enlightenment should stay with you your whole life. We are always wanting to learn more and grow more. Naturally we learn and grow throughout life based on our experiences, getting older and trying to find who we are as individuals on this earth. 

Stepping out of our comfort zone can help us to feel braver, strong and gives us the knowledge and power to transform and learn about ourselves and how we adapt. Therefore our lives should feel forever enlightened!


Through regular yoga practise, we allow ourselves to open our hearts and our minds to new things. New ways of thinking, feeling, learning, accepting, ect ect. We start to understand ourselves and the world around us much better and with a much clearer mind. Which creates that sense of enlightenment.


Yoga provides enlightenment every time we step onto our mats. We are always learning to connect with our minds, bodies and hearts. 

We learn new poses, how to move our bodies in ways we never knew possible, how to reach new levels of; understanding and connecting with ourselves and the world around us. It provides us with the tools and opportunities to understand our ultimate purpose on this earth.


To live a life where you feel you do not need to learn or understand anything more then you already know, in my opinion, is a sad life. We need to grow as humans. We need to challenge ourselves and to understand things as we grow and journey our way through life.

I will forever search for knowledge and understanding and continue to use yoga as a very significant way to help me do so. To continue to benefit from all of it’s greatness and to continue on this personal journey of connection and growth. 

In Sum

Taking this yoga teacher training course has already filled me with so much knowledge, understanding and enlightenment. I am beyond excited to keep learning, growing and to continue to dive deeper into my yoga practise and experience enlightenment through each chapter, new pose, readings and videos. 

The ultimate goal will be passing the final exams and by then I can not wait to see where this course has taken me and how much more I’ll know and understand about yoga all together.