So a major question we get is what is the difference between taking a yoga teacher training program near where you live, versus taking one abroad.


Well, as you are probably aware of the prices are substantially more. This is mainly to take into account that accommodations are most of the time included in the price.

Aside to that the structure is more or less the same. You will do a yoga class, presentations and lectures as a groups. You will go over poses and methodologies of teaching yoga and usually this will happen over 12 hours. And depending on how many days,  you will do this every day, with one day off per week.


The experience, even given the added cost, makes taking a teacher training abroad better than taking one locally.  From my personal opinion, as the author of this blog, I have taken yoga trainings in my home country of Canada and I have also taken them abroad. And I can tell you that the experience in taking it abroad, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica or Hawaii, is much more heightened than taking it locally.

This is primarily for the fact that people come from many parts of the world. And bring different types of enthusiasm of yoga, which is different than you’ll find in your own culture. Thus because of that it gives a ytt a much more exciting and broader experiences of yoga.

Also given the neutral environment of taking yoga in a neutral occasion, makes the experience and the immersion of it makes the experience better overall than taking a yoga teacher training locally.


In the end. price and schedule are the main barriers to doing a ytt abroad and for most of us doing a ytt abroad might not be possible because of one or both of these barriers.

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