I believe that soul is many things.  Wherever you live:  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne,the soul is your internal being. It is the glue that unites your mind and heart. What do I mean by that? 

The soul is the thing that brings together the logic of the mind and feelings or emotions of the heart. 

These thoughts and feelings can be ones from the life we have now or one we had in the past. Soul, depending on who you ask is something that can live on and come back in the body of something else. 


Our souls are something that I believe help to guide us. Sometimes simply just from right or wrong and others helping us realize our true destiny in this life

A soul (which get from yoga or a yoga teacher training) can be a deep feeling right to your core persuading you one way or another. There’s a saying we often use to describe someone, “an old soul”. 


To me this means that even though a person’s years on this earth may be small their life experiences are great, or their views are perhaps “old fashioned”. 

I often think those strong feelings we have that we have met someone before yet, this is our first meeting with them could be our souls crossing paths once again. And we are familiar with them because of a relationship we had in “another life”. 

To me a soul can be an actual thing able to decide to stay with us (the living) for whatever reason after passing on from their physical vessel, their body, of this lifetime. 

I mentioned previously that I am not a religious person but I do believe that souls or spirits of our loved ones visit us when we need them and they can watch over us until their next vessel arrives. 

The Spirit

I feel souls or spirits around me all of the time and still clearly hear the voices of loved ones past checking in to see how things are going. 

To some this may sound crazy but I think if you are open to it and are able to quiet your mind and listen these conversations are possible. 

Yoga is all about learning to quiet the mind, listening to the things around us and the things inside us. 


It’s constant learning how to strip down the things, stuff and chatter and grow the mind, listening to soul and to seek enlightenment


Our purpose here on this earth in this life is to leave better than we came, to grow in knowledge, understanding and love. It is our soul’s job to take those learning’s and feelings and bring them to the next life to share. 

We are only able to move forward as a society by learning what worked in the past and by changing the shortcomings of the past. 

These things help shape the future, and if you are like me those souls who we loved so dearly help push us to our fullest potential and are there to cushion our falls.