Mind and Body

Regardless where they are on this planet – be it Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal, yoga is for the mind, body and soul. While the obvious health benefits include improvement of lung function and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, those who practice, know the benefits go much deeper than that. 

I started doing yoga as a way to overcome injury, I was amazed to learn and experience all the benefits beyond physical. Just like we as humans, yoga has much more to offer beyond the physical. It belongs to no one and it’s for everyone. 


Yoga is taking the time to slow down from the buzz in our daily life. 

The focus is not on external objects rather solely within. It’s an opportunity to still the mind, something that’s not done often enough. 

This stillness and focus is a direct line to the Divine. Committing to yoga is taking the time to connect with the Divine, removing the barrier between you and it, to become one. 


Yoga is the awakening of the soul, a time to question and discover what it truly means to be alive. 

With the goal of reaching a state of complete consciousness, practicing yoga is the journey to enlightenment

Yoga looks different for everyone. It’s unique from person to person.  An instructor can’t teach you what feels good for you and what gets you into a flow. 


That’s something that needs to be discovered through the practice. My first time in a class where chanting was involved, I could feel myself slipping into a state I had never been in before. 

I could hear everyone in the room repeating the mantras with such confidence and conviction. Feeling the energy switch as everyone started getting into their own flow which eventually led me to do the same. 


Yoga is allowing yourself to investigate beyond the body. By searching for a deeper meaning, you open yourself up to something that’s much bigger than oneself. 

By combining practices of the mind body and soul, it’s possible to expand awareness and go down pathways that our mind could have never previously fathomed. 

In The End

Once explored, the feeling of togetherness is always present, whether it’s acknowledged or not. 

The continual practice of yoga creates a beautiful space for the mind, body and soul to grow. This continual growth and expansion is beyond words but if I had to sum it up it would be yoga.