Yoga – to Yolk, to unite, uniting the whole body physically, mentally and spiritually. This ancient practice originating from India is thousands of years old and the evolution of what we see today is broken down into many different styles and techniques that are available to practice with one ultimate goal in mind. 

You can travel anywhere in the world –  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne  – and doing yoga helps with health and harmony throughout one self.  I thought I knew what yoga was many years ago, I would sit and listen to the soothing voices and the calming music, I would struggle to get into postures that everyone else seemed to be able to get into with ease. 


I would constantly be looking around at everyone else in the class the entire time to see where I compared, and If I could maybe even do one thing better than one other person I was happy at the end of the day. 

To me I was “doing” yoga. Years later I went through a really hard time in my life and I couldn’t go a day without crying, I was constantly in physical, emotional and spiritual pain and I didn’t know how to get past it. 


I found my way back on the mat with the desire to try anything I could to find relief from what I was feeling. I found a guided practice from a video on youtube called Yoga for anxiety. 

I connected with the instructor in a way that surprised me, something just hit home in a way it never had before, so I kept returning to my mat everyday.  

I started to feel the benefit of this practice throughout my entire body, I learned to really breathe, to quiet my mind, to look inward while sweating, twisting and detoxifying the negative energy I had been holding onto. 


I had gone to therapy over the years and nothing had helped me heal like yoga did. I saw a bigger picture, I saw my life in a different light. “There is nothing bigger than yourself” – Jim Carrey 

Yoga is a tool people can use for personal growth and self awareness. It is a philosophy, a therapeutic practice, and a lifelong journey of self discovery and mastery. 

Yoga allows us to create and sustain a beautiful balance of the mind, body and spirit. It is human nature for us to have a need to be seen, to be loved to be validated and accepted, through the practice of yoga your awareness of inner self, your true authentic self becomes apparent. 

With a consistent practice and lifestyle you become the one who sees, who unconditionally loves, who validates and accepts. 

 In The End

Yoga is the tool we use to tell the story of who we are through self discovery. It is a practice of deep Inner recognition of who we know we want to be and who we want the world to see. 

I believe the reason we keep coming back to this magical practice is because of the framework we create inside and out and for the undeniable transformational power it has on us. 

Not just the physical benefits which are numerous from increased flexibility and energy, improved respiratory and circulatory health, stronger and leaner muscles just to name a few, but being able to recognize something deeper within and realizing we are the creator of our own story, we are all the divine.