We have many popular sayings about the soul, yet the soul itself is undefinable. Soul food, Satisfy the soul, Soul searching, Save our souls. Each phrase widely used with different meanings yet with the same core. 

And no matter where you live –  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne the soul is unseen but is responsible for sensation, emotion, and feelings. So if we aren’t able to describe what our soul is, then how is it that we refer to it constantly? I am guilty of using “What feels good in my soul” quite often. 


I took a yoga teacher training, so I could connect to my soul. Even if I’m imagining my soul speaking to me, I still believe that imagining something in the first place is creativity set forth by my soul. The soul is a beacon, a lighthouse in the mist. 

A brilliance attempting to shine through the storm and let its light be seen. As an internal reference, it guides us through this life and beyond. The soul has existed before we were born and will continue existing until well past our death. We are constantly unwrapping layers of our soul. 


Parts of us that may have existed previously that we are only now familiarizing with because of our experiences on life’s journey. Each layer is a reminder that this life force is a connection to something greater, something far beyond our comprehension. 

The highest part of self. Soul searching is another common phrase often used by travelers and those seeking the appropriate paths for themselves. Also used by people who are feeling troublesome or someone who may have hurt another without a reason they are aware of. 

They must soul search in order to figure out why they’ve acted this way and what caused these clouded feelings or sudden outburst. This requires an honest look at the self which can be incredibly difficult. It is when we are able to see the truth of self that our soul’s presence can be felt.  


The soul defines us. It is our core essence. It is who we are, our personality, our unique expression. It shapes us and gives us a reason for our choices. We love from the heart as an extension of our soul. Love is as indescribable as the soul. It touches the center of our being and has the ability to change us. 

Loving someone with our soul means to loves with the entire essence of our inner self. The love we have for our families and our soul mates is eternal. It is a love given from all of the heart and soul

In The End

When we love we feel alive and to feel completely alive is to be close to the soul. It is incredibly hard to define what the soul is in its entirety, yet it is so easy for us to refer to our souls. It lives inside of us like our heart but is unseen and unexplainable. We know its there, we rely on it yet seek it and the only way to find it is to connect within.