The soul, or the atman, is the piece of us that is the closest in energy to the universe and higher power. It is difficult to put into words because it is not an earthly phenomenon. 

The soul is the part of us that is reincarnated throughout time, carrying with it our essence of being. According to the Bhagavad Gita, the soul is something that is constant through time, never modified or broken. One can travel anywhere in the world –  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne  – and will find the soul is no different regardless of where people live.

It is a living entity that is able to experience reality around it. It is the very source of consciousness and sense of self. When I feel a deeper connection to my spirituality and to the energy of the universe I generally feel more aligned. In these moments I feel a deep contentedness and I believe this is alignment of physical body with soul.


I have heard the expression, “love is finding your soul’s counterpart in another.” Which makes me think of the idea of counterpose. 

These two ideas are connected in my mind because in the readings the counterpose was explained to not necessarily be the exact opposite of the other (ie, back bend to forward fold), but the pose that effectively balances the previous pose so that one can move into the next posture free of tension, aka pratikriyasana. 

When you are able to find love, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the two souls are identical or even the opposite. Love is when souls align and feel whole.


For me, when I did my yoga teacher training and practice yoga, helped/s me to connect deeper with the idea of loving myself and those around me. To act with dignity, and respect the other souls I encounter along the way. 

By doing this, I can become more familiar with my soul and my connection to a higher power. When the physical body dies, the soul remains and takes on a new physical body being reincarnated. 

In this way, I like to think about my soul being transferred through time from body to body and form to form. It has finally arrived here with me, in this life. I have the ability to become close to knowing it by learning and working with my 5 koshas, and this is a privilege and an honour.