All over the world be it: Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal, the soul is the essence of a person’s being. It’s a living being mental abilities regarding their  character, morals, beliefs, emotions, consciousness, and perception. 


This karma within the soul leads an individual down their life path and  journey. Good karma is self-reflected through positivity and self-care behaviours.  While bad  karma is demonstrated through negativity and self-doubt behaviours. 

Achieving good karma  leads to more liberation of our thoughts, choices and our mind where bad karma results in  limitation, and barriers within in our mind and our lives. 


Regardless if you do a yoga teacher training at the 200 hour or 300 hour levels or even a yoga therapy training program you will learn that the soul requires continuous nurture  and devotion through its lifetime as souls can evolve or progress. Without the proper care for  our souls’ they can weaken and wane. 


Through our souls, an individual can progress from  identifying our physical self to our true internal self. 

With time a person learns how to identify,  acknowledge and develops deeper sense of what drives their beliefs, values and morals

With this  knowledge comes the greater power and ability to be able to regulate and modify an individual thought’s and beliefs to their surroundings. 


Some people can observe the soul in adoration, while  others are still listening or hearing it. For a few in this world, even if they hear about it, they will  not understand it. 

If an individual can connect to their soul, they can realize their true self. Those  are the people in life who are often are the most rich in serenity and resilience.