The “Soul” is often spoken of in many different religions with no real way to quantify or be able to describe in a Universal way of what this truly means. 

So regardless where they are on this planet – be it Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal, without the soul being a tangible item, it has prompted many questions in my mind such as, how do we know for sure that is the soul that is being spoken of?  

Where does it come from and why is something that holds meaning in religious contexts?  How would having a deeper understanding of the soul influence our day to day lives as humans?  


After many years of religious studies, meditation practice, Yoga practice and doing a yoga teacher training program have given me some impressions upon my current and evolving understanding of what the soul is.  

As a youth, I blindly accepted and believed what my preachers talked about. The soul being our connection to God and that which animates the mind/body.  

Without being told I was able to question these things. I just settled that this is the answer because someone of authority told me so.  

Now that I am older and have followed a spiritual path that has taught me to question everything and believe only what I am able to experience and find truth within my own being.  


Countless hours have been used to connect with creation or God through all types of mediums.  At this point in the existence of my human life, I feel the soul is an energy that enters the body through the breath.  

Breathing in connects the body/mind to the divine energy flow of the Universe or creator.  The allowing of the energy of the soul to enter the body. To then create a divine battery source to animate the body and the mind into action.  

The body/mind seem to already have programs that are running all. of the time. This is to make sure the body can continue to function without continuous thought.  


The soul energy powers the programs which in turn run the body/mind and fulfill the karma that we have come to this life with.  The programs are always running and pop up windows happen in the mind in the form of thoughts.  

The soul as it enters allows for the option of being present with creation. Or to get caught up in looking at the pop up windows of programs that are running in the background.  

While the soul acts like a divine battery for the body/mind it is also to be aware of programming(karma) along the way that requires being reprogrammed for a more effective life path.  


The soul portion feels like it is connected to what we may refer to as God or creation.  Quieting the body/mind allows for the opportunity to discover this divinity within us.  

Each time we connect and tap into this divine consciousness we are able to reprogram some of our pre-existing karmas which will deepen the ability to be present in experiencing life.  The soul holds the knowledge and wisdom of our true self.  


Being conscious is being in the soul body and experiencing life in its purest forms.  Therefore the soul is God or the Creator.  This concept is likely to evolve as this life continues to grow and take shape.