Wherever home is –  VancouverBaliThailandTorontoHawaiiNew ZealandSydneyPerthBrisbane, Melbourne CalgaryEdmontonOttawaTorontoHamiltonHalifax or Montreal – in life you do not get instructions, you get prayer and are always told to be grateful. Yoga to me is everything good you can do for oneself and others. 

I do yoga for my kids; I do yoga for myself. And I do yoga for a better healthier life. Yoga is always there, without me knowing. 

Its waking up in the morning for my kids and being grateful I have these 2 souls in my life.  Doing a yoga teacher training program reinforces all of this. 

I get to plant the seeds of kindness and show them love, I get to show them how to be humble and happy in this world where sometimes its so hard to find. Show them truth with a smile, or compassion for the person who waits by the road asking for money, and always give whatever I can. 


Yoga is always taking leaps of faith even when we fear the outcome. It is making sure that everyone around me feels excepted and loved. 

Telling people how profoundly grateful I am that they are in my life. Yoga a cup of coffee at 6am and not having distractions so I can truly focus on meditation at this time, and my yoga study. 


Its always being kind and considerate no matter what. Yoga is being calm in the storm, It teaches me to be present in the moment. To not investigate the future nor the past, but where I am right now. 

All I need are the things I have right now. It teaches me to surrender to the things I cannot change but to keep moving forward on my path in life. 


It teaches me to be happy where I am right now, because there is a reason for all my struggles in life, they are teachings and life lessons that have lead me to where I am right now, they have made me stronger. Yoga lets me tap into my inner mind and thoughts and change them from being negative to positive. 


As Biggie Smalls would say in his song “Juicy” “I took my thoughts from negative to positive”) that song says so much now to me. 

Yoga is simply working hard in the name of love and patience. So many times, I catch myself trying to do the poses that I get frustrated and I must remember to breath because that is not true yoga. 

Yoga is being kind to myself and loving where I am at this present moment. Meditating inner love, so I can have outer world love and becoming love itself. 


Love for my children love for other people, being nice and humble. Yoga for me is bliss, being perfectly comfortable with who I am, where I am, I’ve always felt like there was more to  life. 

I have always believed there was a spiritual reason we are all here in the world, a bigger reason Creator put us here. Yoga makes me want to change the world, or if not become a ripple effect for my children who then show their children the teachings and power of Yoga and Meditation.