doing yoga over a lake

Yoga allows you to choose your own path of self healing and self empowerment. No matter what setting and time of day, it is only you and your mat. It allows you the time to take a break from the chaos of life and become present in the moment. 

In cities around the world London, GreeceBali, Thailand, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Hawaii, yoga is the focus of connecting the mind and body through meditation and breathing to release stress and anxiety. 

Practicing yoga is one of the few forms of exercise that solely uses your own body weight to build muscle strength, reduce body stiffness, and improve flexibility.

In India

Yoga originated in India and has been practiced by the Buddhists & Monks for over 5,000 years. More recently, it has transformed its way into the modern western world and is practiced by people of all walks of life.

The new trend for yoga in the western world combines yoga with high intensity fitness in an infrared heat studio 

Yoga teaches you to be present in the moment and honour yourself as you are.  I became very self conscious about my body, having recently given birth

My Journey

I was very active and healthy prior to my pregnancy but was not able to maintain my fitness levels pre and post partum. When my daughter was 11 months I started my fitness journey again by following at-home yoga and fitness videos. 

From the comfort and privacy of my own home I have been able to build my strength and slowly become confident in myself again. My mantra for my regular yoga practice is “Love the life you live and live the life you love” – Bob Marley

Repeating this during my daily meditation and yoga practices has allowed me to accept and remove the negative energy in my life while creating more space to allow only what brings me happiness and strength. 

This Is Yoga

Regularly practicing yoga makes my body feel lighter. It giving me more energy and mental clarity to focus on other areas of my life.  My posture, reduced muscles stiffness and reduced the pain in my joints. 

It has taught me the importance of our most natural instinct, breathing. While practicing deep belly breathing during my yoga practice, I have learned to breathe in a relaxed. This breathing technique has personally helped me reduce stress and anxiety levels in my life.  

I was born into a family who believed in IslamI was forced into blindly following rules and expectations that did not align with my morals.

This made me make some wrong decisions in my life. I lost my connection with believing in anything that I could not see. 

In Sum

I currently find myself in a constant state of mental exhaustion with unmotivating thoughts. I hope that yoga will guide me in finding mental self control and discipline. 

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