At the essence of it all, Yoga is an old discipline that originated in India. It is a practice meant to unite body, mind, and soul. 

In yoga, you use different Asanas (yoga word for positions) that you hold for a couple of seconds to sometimes minutes depending on the type of yoga you are practicing. These Asanas are meant to stretch a specific body part to improve functionality and health. 


In Yoga, Asanas are usually grouped in a variety of sequences that make sense from a physiological point of view. This is the basis of Yoga. Now if you would have asked me this question a few years back, I would have said that yoga is a form of exercise mainly for women or hippies. 

That was the old me who didn’t have much knowledge of how amazing and mindful this practice can be to fix about anything you are going through. I was brought to Yoga after a terrible series of tragical events this year. 

What I have learned doing yoga in my yoga teacher training so far, no matter where in Canada or the world you live –  Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne – I was searching for myself something that would bring me happiness and relaxation. Like a calling, I was attracted to Yoga without being able to explain why. It was the beginning of a new journey and awakening of my being


While searching for happiness and trying to get back on track, I started following yoga routines on Youtube. It led me to tune out of the world and look on the inside of myself for answers. 

I realize that I was perfectly fine as I am and that my mind was the strongest tool to help me combat all the struggles I was facing. Yoga became for me a multiple healing tool. 

One day my yoga routine would be beneficial physically and it would remove the pain and tightness I was experiencing on that particular day. 


On another, it could give me the answer I was seeking facing a problem I had while breathing and doing asanas. On another, it could be the pause I needed to relax my mind and tune in with my self. 

Quickly I realize that yoga was not just a practice but the answer to a lot of problems that life could throw my way. 

It became a tool for happiness, to make me learn to let go, to relax, to ease and remove pain through my tight body and most importantly, it opened my mind and soul to the universe and to tune in with it. 

There is something almost magical that happens when you disconnect from the world we know and get on that mat in a quiet place. 


It provides that most needed pause we need from this fast pace life that surrounds us and makes you look on the inside of your being. What I learned is that all the answers and tools you will ever need resides in every one of us and yoga is a great way to make you discover that. 

If we go back to the question of what is yoga, my answer would be: Yoga is what you make out of it. 

From day to day and person to person, this answer will always vary depending on your own personal level of development and what surrounds your life at that moment. Yoga can be the answer when all other answers failed you.