chair-pose-in-a-yoga-teacher-trainingWhat is Yoga?  

Yoga is a feeling of peace and calm and eventually, freedom.  Yoga is a way to learn to hang out with your soul and connect with your inner self.  

When we come to a yoga teacher training, we learn to slow the world around us and center ourselves with the breath and the awareness of our body’s movement and energy.  


Yoga is doing something just for you.  A commitment to your inner being and inner knowing.  A place to connect with your truth.  And as you grow with Yoga, you grow with others.  

Wherever you are now be it, London, Greece,  Bali, Thailand, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Hawaii – yoga helps us to become more compassionate with yourself and then more compassionate with others.  

Yoga and yoga teacher training, allows you the gift to slow down and be in the moment and with that, you find that awareness to carry out into the day as well, with your own thoughts and how you are around people.  


Yoga is truly connecting with ourselves but the beauty is, we become so much more connected in our relationship with others.  We become someone we are proud of.  Someone we actually want to be around.  


Yoga grows a love for ourselves and attracts that energy that we desire.  That good, healthy energy and it is like a ripple in the water.  Again, Yoga is connection.  

Yoga is being honest with yourself, spending time with your body.  Accepting and loving your body for it’s movement and finding peace to allow it to relax and feel good.  


Yoga is a gift we give to ourselves of breath, intention, movement and awareness of ourselves.  And that, that is beautiful.  Yoga is beautiful.

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