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What it means to be enlightened is a hard question to answer because I think it is an answer people are always searching for.

Regardless of where in the world you live – be it  Toronto, Vacouver, Bali, Hawaii or Thailand – there is not one answer to this question, I think it’s a personal opinion. I believe it can relate to religion, knowledge, peace and full control of the mind.


I think most gurus in the yoga world are enlightened because they seem to fully understand life and practice what they preach.

This is why to me enlightenment mostly has to do with wisdom. It is to be all knowing. It is also to do no harm to your surroundings.

It is not those do yoga or take yoga teacher training who are enlightened. There are those who seem to closely follow the Yamas and Niyamas. They live very ethical lives and have a very strong moral compass.

They do no harm, they’re truthful, they do not steal, they do not care about materialistic possessions.  They are disciplined, content and are devoted to a higher power.

Living In Us

I believe those who are enlightened don’t think God is supernaturally controlling the world, but more so that God lives in each and every one of us. They have complete control over their thoughts and emotions, nothing seems to sway them.

Everything just floats by them; nothing seems to get a real reaction. They almost live life in a meditative state.

In The End

Enlightenment to me is about knowledge. It’s having wisdom and sharing what you’ve learned with the world. This knowledge can be received through study as well as personal experience.

Enlightenment is getting to a point you have enough knowledge that you truly understand the world you live in. You understand the why of life, which people can spend a lifetime trying to figure out.

They understand their own purpose (your Dharma) and understand that each person has their own individual reason for living.

I believe those who are enlightened have a connection to the divine. There is a strong sense of belief and faith in a higher power and that your path is already chosen for you.

Nothing Is Random

They believe there is a reason for everything and nothing in random. Enlightenment is also to give back to the people and planet around you. They give and expect nothing in return.

Those who are enlightened live a very peaceful life. I believe they have mastered quieting their thoughts. Such as when meditating, they let their thoughts and emotions pass by as they come but they don’t attach to any of them or let them affect them.

Overall, Enlightenment is too complex of a topic for anyone who is not enlightened to fully understand.

Those who are enlightened are really the only people who know what it means. I think it’s about having and sharing wisdom. Living a peaceful and ethical life.

Being non materialistic, as well as having a deep connection to a higher power. Someone who is enlightened is almost a god like human. Enlightenment is something one can only hope to someday truly understand.