The Soul is the eternal part of you. The energy that exists beyond time and space.  In life, we are given bodies to house the soul. A way for the immortal to become mortal. 

The Soul is what continues beyond this life and is the essence of self that can be found in the moments of stillness. 


The Soul is not our personality, but it is our true self.  The Soul is not our thoughts, but it is in our mind. The Soul is not our feelings, but it is in our heart.  

The Soul is a personal energy that will carry the body through experiences it has no idea how to navigate. If only we let our Soul be heard. 

Allowing the Soul to be known is a personal journey each will take, or choose not to take.  

The Soul is the true self that all bodies have access to connecting with.  If only they choose to do so. 

Everyone is on their own path of discovery, and some have come further along than others.  


Some have taken windy roads, others straight.  But in the end there is death, and then you know the Soul regardless of the paths you have chosen here on earth.

In my  yoga teacher trainings  and travels  in Vancouver, Bali, Thailand  I learned the soul is a light. This light that our soul represents emits, like any light, sight. The Soul at its essence is love, yet Souls are also growing, learning, becoming more than they are.  

A Soul of Love is the most beautiful in all the galaxies, striving to be such a creature is a path that yoga can help to open the way to.

The Soul is our connection to God, to higher wisdom, to love, to beautiful purity.  The Soul is the wise, kind, loving, beautiful pieces of ourselves we share with others.  


The Soul is often met through yoga.  A dance between the stillness of mind and balancing of physical being allows the voice of purity to be heard, the voice of your soul.   

The Soul is more than the mortal world we live in, yet it is in this mortality.  The Soul is our Higher Self, our wiser self, or better self than a physical being can possibly imagine.   

The Soul is in divine consciousness, a consciousness that yoga often opens the doorway to.  Little by little, moment by moment, the Soul can be heard, can be experienced, can be felt. 

In understanding the Soul, one must begin with their own journey of self discovery. Their own awakening.  Their own pure connection. No one else can do this for them. 

In Sum

The Soul is in love, in self-love.  It is in self-respect, honouring the voice within and standing true in what we feel is right and honourable.  The Soul becomes present when our physical practices align with the purity of the energy of love.