When I think about what the soul means to me right now I feel as though I have some perspective to share, but I also know that I have continual knowledge to gain. I am going to do my best to explain what the soul means to me through ideas gleaned from the short video, What is 

The Soul as well as insights from my own work and the words of different authors I have read along my journey to my own authenticity. 


When determining what the soul is one must first recognize the need for, and begin to foster, a wholehearted relationship with oneself. 

The soul is not visible. It lives within us. It is our true most authentic self. It is vulnerability. In order to realize our soul we must consciously allow ourselves to unfold. 

This requires trust in ourselves to pull off our armor and the image of what we think we should be, in order to be who we naturally are. When we are truly at peace with who we are deep within, we will embrace our soul and it will shine. 


In my 3  yoga teacher trainings  – in Vancouver, Bali, Thailand –  I learned the soul is a light. This light that our soul represents emits, like any light, sight. This light allows us to see who we truly are. It allows us to recognize the immense power and beauty that each of us holds. 

Once we reach our soul we are able to see and experience life in the most real and true fashion. We take that light and we share its glow outside of ourselves. This aliveness that the soul emanates, gives us the power to live our most true life; as well as experience it in the truest of ways. 

Everyone has a soul, but not everyone experiences soul. We all have the light deep within us; however, not everyone is able to reach it. 

The recipe for living a soulful life, and reaching our inner light includes being aware of who we are and being able to confidently sit with whoever that is. 

Silence is a great place to find soul. In this atmosphere of quiet and stillness we can more easily go into ourselves. If only for a short period of time, touching base with our souls allows for the many moments that follow to be experienced at a new and deeper level. 


Therefore, soul means the truest form of us, which is like a light found deep inside, and can be reached through silent reflection. 

Reflecting from within reveals our soul and allows it to be shown outside of us. To be soulful is to live authentically. We are all able to reach our soul, but it requires honesty and vulnerability. 

Once soul is something we feel connected to, we will be able to share and express our own potential wholeheartedly.