Like any travel adventure, a Yoga Teacher Training abroad requires conscious planning. You will be away from home, committed to an intensive self-discovery experience.

This means you will need to be prepared to take full responsibility of yourself. Here is a list of things you should bring with you to your Yoga Teacher Training Abroad:

Your Yoga Mat

Seems obvious right? Although many training programs offer Mats and Blocks during the training, its great to have your own. When you bring your own you are free to use it outside training time, and elsewhere should you choose to continue your adventure. A yoga mat is foundational to a Yoga Teacher Training.

An Insulated Water Bottle (or two)

Depending on the Climate, it is awesome to have a Cold, or Warm beverage ready and waiting for you at break time.

Further, because yoga generates a lot of internal heat, hydration is necessary to stay healthy. Dehydration during a Yoga sequence in a hot country is a recipe for disaster.

2 Journals and Pens

Bring one to lectures to take notes and keep track of the material. This is great to have for nightly reviews and to ensure your fullest integration of the teachings.

The second Journal is for you own personal reflection. As Yoga is a self led journey of discovery, having a dedicated place to download the days thoughts and feelings will help you grow. This applies outside of a Yoga Teacher Training as well!

Non Restrictive clothing

Although many warmer climates have us wanting to strip down, its best to chose our clothes for practice consciously.

Clothes that are well fitted but stretchy and breathable are best. Further, as Yoga is a sacred practice, it is good to choose clothes that are context appropriate. Think humility and comfort rather than style.


Your muscles will be working! One major element necessary to relieve cramping and muscle pain is Magnesium.

This can be found at your local organic grocery store and will help you recover more quickly when you’re feeling extra sore. You may also consider bringing your daily nutritional supplements, as Yoga walks hand in hand with good health.

It would be best to research what facilities are available to you at your Training program. Doing so will help you assess the unique needs and wants you may have during the time of your training.