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Many yogis  in New York, LA, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and all across North America look at doing their yoga teacher trainings abroad in BaliThailand, Costa Rica or Hawaii and many other exotic and beautiful location.

Similar to any international travel, when taking a teacher training course abroad you should take the typical baggage of: clothes, footwear and personal care items (toiletries).

As teacher training courses are usually one month or more, you should pack for this amount of time. Further, each location will have a different climate, thus you should pack accordingly (hot, cold, rainy, etc.).  Packing the right things, could be difference between a great and bad ytt experience.

Modesty in Dress

If the yoga teacher training is taking place at an ashram or other spiritual community/study center, it is important that clothing be modest and respectable.  

Casual, comfortable clothes are completely appropriate. However, beware of low necklines, short shorts and mini-skirts. Please note that when you visit temples, your knees and shoulders should be covered.

Other Items to Pack:

  • Yoga mat(s) (not your best or newest one as yoga teacher training will give it a beating!)  
  • meditation cushion (optional)
  • other equipment, as needed (belts for stretching, small towel, etc.)
  • rainwear
  • small backpack
  • shower slip-on flip-flops
  • flashlight
  • insect repellent, sunscreen (dependent upon the weather)
  • alarm clock
  • travel mug/tumbler
  • water bottle
  • dry snack foods, such as nuts and energy bars
  • journal(s)
  • Pencil case
  • music/cell phone
  • local currency, passport, travel documents, etc.
  • If you are sleeping in a tent, bring your own tent, bedding, and towels
  • Most importantly, it is critical to bring a good attitude, enthusiasm, and motivation to work hard.  You will be a part of a community of learners and your attitude should reflect optimism and positivity.


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