Yoga to me is a way of coping with stress and pressure from the outside world regardless if live in Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica or Hawaii.


It’s a lifestyle that brings joy and happiness when you’re feeling out of sorts and off balance. Yoga is the bridge between our physical and mental bodies, helping to bring the two into balance and peace with each other.

Yoga has been a journey to self discovery. One filled with ups and downs and bumps and bruises. It has gone beyond the asanas and into my soul. It’s a quiet peace when daily life is hectic and filled with turmoil.


Yoga is a sense of euphoria, even on your worst days, that has no limits and cannot be explained. Yoga is happiness. Sometimes when nothing makes sense in my life, all it takes is sitting on my mat and taking that first deep breath, to make me feel like I am home, and nothing can throw me off my path again.

Flowing through a series of postures, moving with my inhales and exhales, feeling the stretch and burn of my muscles brings me back to the here and now, it enables me to be in the present moment. The best part, Savasana, when you get to lay still in mind and of body. Letting every trouble and worry go, focusing on being in the moment. Focusing on letting every muscle relax. Being in the present has been one of the greatest gifts yoga has taught me.


Yoga to me means so much more than just one thing. It is a wholeness, a oneness, a unity of ones’ body and soul. Yoga to me is all that I aspire to be and to keep growing and reaching towards. A constant growth that I hope to continue obtaining because with yoga in my life I learn to keep loving myself and to love others completely and irrevocably.

It’s why I’ve decided to follow my heart and spread my love of the practice by becoming a teacher of this great art myself. If I can help just one person feel the euphoria that I feel after a great practice or meditation session, then my goal will have been completed and I will have obtained the happiness I was looking for.

This paper isn’t quite the required five hundred words but I can’t think of any more ways to say what yoga is to me. Sorry and I hope you enjoy