What is enlightenment? 

I don’t find myself searching for it  personally and perhaps the concept for me is too philosophical and abstract.  

Admittedly, it’s because I don’t truly know what I’d be looking for and if I  found it, how would I be different? and how would I know I’d found it? 

In  my world, I am too busy to make time for this but I know I need something  grounding and is why I am seeking a more profound practice in yoga.  


Be it Vancouver, Bali, Thailand, Toronto, Hawaii, New Zealand, Sydney, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne that you call home, I admire  those who truly seem to have an understanding of the world or their place  in it. 

I do relate enlightenment to Buddhism and Monks, a long dedicated  spiritual path that isn’t for everyone, like they are the chosen people to go  forward on this path. 

There are so many books with steps to enlightenment  but if it is so easy to obtain, wouldn’t we all have it or would we want it?  

Would the world be a completely different place and would it be better?  


From a yogi perspective, I would say that people who practice  religion and believe in God are seeking the same path of enlightenment  however each may take a different path. 

For me, the closest I get to feeling  fulfilled, happy or enlightened is through travel. I’m a traveler. I feel better  when I’m travelling and my experiences have made me who I am today. 

At  times I’ve travelled to do yoga because I find that there’s a similar effect I  get from both, I like the person I become when I’m relaxed and at peace.  


Each time I travel, I feel liberated from the stress, angst and responsibilities  in my day-to-day life. 

I often feel more extroverted, happier, more at peace  with myself, more optimistic, social, courageous and excited about life and  possibilities. 

Unfortunately, when I return from travelling, I go back into  my routine and lose all those feelings in me that I love so much. 


I often  wonder how I make myself more like the “travel version” of myself and  that’s been a journey I’ve been on for years, and is why I want to practice  yoga.  

To really understand enlightenment, I have to separate myself from  my own reality which is often formed by society, my own experiences, perceptions, responsibilities and societal conformities. 


Maybe  enlightenment is a lost art and to truly understand ourselves at our truest form is to separate the part of ourselves that has been created by the world  around us. 

Maybe we do this through yoga and meditation. 

If we are on a path to enlightenment, it doesn’t mean we will ever get there and I  guess that’s the journey. 

Through asanas maybe we are gradually preparing our  bodies to move in a rhythmic motion allowing our mind space to be free while our  bodies are doing repetitive motions. 

If enlightenment means deeply  understanding, accepting and allowing ourselves to live in this world more open  to love, peace and connection than is that our purpose in life? 

Does that mean we  are closer to God and more connected to the universe through our energies and if  we are feeling this energy will it guide us to live the truest expression of  ourselves?  


I believe people who are true believers that the universe has a plan for us and that  everything happens for a reason are happier because they believe in something  greater than themselves.

I do not know truly what enlightenment  is or what it can do for us but certainly talking about this has opened up some  questions and opened up my heart space and mind to inviting more of this  conversation in my life.