The benefits of yoga certification are many.  There is no question that certification is the ticket needed to be employed as a yoga instructor.  So regardless if live in Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica or Hawaii, London, Greece, New Zealand, Sydney, Brisbane,  Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth being registered with a yoga body is what is needed.

The Yoga Association (YA) is the world-wide organization which represents yoga instructors.  The YA sets the standard for a yoga teacher training program. In so doing, it ensures that every instructor has met the expectations for successful yoga instruction.

Sharing the practice and philosophy of yoga through certified instruction is  a noble goal. It allows many to reap the benefits of yoga practice. But there are many indirect benefits to getting certified.  

Additonal Benefits

Katie Brauer at Yoga Six ( provides five additional benefits of certification:

Propel Your Personal Yoga Practice: Better understanding the foundations of yoga will undoubtedly improve your own practice. Furthermore, many hours of practice will be expected of you – both on the mat and instructing in the studio.  Practice makes better for you as a yogi and instructor!

Growth & Deeper Self-Understanding:  Learning about yoga philosophy allows introspection and this allows you to explore who you are and what has influenced you, both positively and negatively.  Knowing this is essential to positive growth and improvement.

Learn Life-Enhancing Skills:  Time management and leadership are just two of the many life-enhancing skills you will learn through yoga certification.  Many of the skills sets are transferable and can be used elsewhere & these skills will enhance your own life through improving your lifestyle and your quality of life!

New Friends & Authentic Connections:  Meeting others who are passionate about yoga is always a win!  Like you, they too know the many benefits of yoga and want to share them with the world.  These will likely be some of the best people you will ever meet!

Become a Leader & Teacher:  Instructing any skill takes a set of leadership skills which can be applied elsewhere in life.  Leadership skills are transferable skills!


These additional benefits to certification may initially be unintended.  All of these additional benefits are noteworthy. They all contribute to realign our best self.