Enlightenment is not something that occurs once, but it is something that can happen again and  again. Enlightenment is a glimpse into, or a fuller picture, of your soul. 

The energy with which  you had been vibrating at is raised. And you get a deeper understanding of yourself.  

When you see your soul, or rather see the world through the eyes of your soul, you achieve  enlightenment. 

The Soul

All over the world be it –  London, Madrid, GreeceBali, Thailand, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Hawaii, New York, San Diego –  a part of your soul is revealed to you and a deeper understanding of yourself  and how you fit in the world occurs than what was understood before. 

Your vibration is been  raised and therefore the world is never perceived quite the same since you are changed.  However, this feeling of connection, euphoria, and understanding does not last as humans  become familiar with the unfamiliar very quickly. 

What was once brand new becomes commonplace. Therefore, you can have more than one enlightenment, continuing to raise your  vibration or to deepen your connection with your higher self: your soul. 


Does one ever come to  a point where they are completely enlightened? I cannot say personally, and my instinct tells  me no, it is a journey that can always be deepened. 

Enlightenment can occur spontaneously, or it can be worked towards, through yoga,  meditation etc. What is revealed to you is something that has always resided within. 

A part of  the subconscious state of mind becomes aware to your conscious state of mind. Enlightenment  can occur in a dream or can follow a dream. 


When I traveled to Bali for my first yoga teacher training – away from my  family for an extended period – I had a dream that recalled memories about physical and  emotional abuse. 

I woke understanding the cycle of physical and  emotional abuse that my family had been afflicting on one another. 

From this moment on my life has never been the same. It changed the path that I was on to one of perpetual self discovery. I did this in order to raise my self-awareness, to ensure that I would not continue to be a part  of this cycle. 

My Practice 

This led to strengthening my yoga practice, joining recovery, strengthening my  meditation practice, completing my level 1 and 2 Reiki, and inevitably leading to a deeper connection to myself.  

Following enlightenment there can be an adjustment period. It can seem as if the life you were  living before is attempting to pull you back to your lower vibration. 


As if the people and the  situations you had previously been comfortable in now repeled. It  might take some time to determine how it is you are now comfortable showing up in the world.  

It most likely will require some dramatic changes to your setting. The rewards that are freely  given to you for aligning your life with your new level of vibrational energy are miraculous.  

Living in line with your higher self, living in a state of flow, things that were once evading you, it  could be money, a fulfilling job, loving relationships, peace etc. present themselves to you.